About Us

Our Organization:  

Ikaika Ohana is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 affordable housing developer, social service coordinator and asset management company working with a vast network of industry partners in Hawaii and California to develop and maintain award winning multi-family and senior communities throughout the Islands and mainland. We provide low-income families with affordable, decent, safe and community enriched living opportunities. By bringing together private companies and non-profit organizations, we plan every development to equally meet: resident and community needs, local and state government mandates and investor returns. We believe in addressing these needs, wherever that may take us.

Ikaika Ohana co-develops with Fortune 500 companies and works with a vast network of industry partners within the States of Hawaii and California and beyond those borders. Our commitment to Hawaii and California is backed by our national partners and driven by our team’s years of experience at leveraging business and financial relationships. Our team has more than 25 years of established strong relationships with local vendors, jurisdictional departments, state organizations, and political leadership in Hawaii and California. Our multi-disciplinary team brings a breadth of experience to affordable development. Our service-providers, consultants, contractors and vendors consist of firms with local expertise, bringing jobs to the communities we serve.

“Sustainable affordable housing requires healthy natural environments, durable building, renewed social opportunity and a long-term commitment to a community.”

     Director/President, Douglas Bigley

Healthy Environments

We are committed to environmental stewardship through resource conservation and innovative technologies. Our residents benefit from maximum energy efficiencies through cost savings and healthier lifestyles. 

Durable Building

Through expert planning and forward thinking design, our communities exceed industry quality standards without the higher cost. To control cost and deliver better quality, our development team possesses a broad spectrum of expertise in finance, design and construction oversight. 

Renewed Social Opportunity

On-site social services ensure our residents’ basic needs are met: health, education, and financial stability. Then our programming goes beyond the basics, tailoring services to our residents and their neighbors’ specific needs. We have a unique role when providing services, as a social service coordinator, we don’t have a “single service” mission to fulfill, but rather must create a package of services that are uniquely suited to the community. We coordinate with local, experienced private and public service providers. Through this network of partnerships the customization of relevant programming is endless. 

Long Term Commitment to a Community

Ikaika Ohana’s asset management team certifies the overall health of each community through regulatory compliance and reporting, regular site and social service program assessment. Through metrics and measurement tools, we evaluate and ensure a community’s ongoing success. From financing and planning, through long-term asset management, a qualified professional scrutinizes each stage. We regularly evaluate each community’s physical and financial health, as well as, the effectiveness of our social service programming, to insure continuing success. We believe a site well designed and well maintained with a focus on the well being of the tenant, will have a spill over benefit to the larger community both today and in the future.